M CONZEPT established in 2014, is a one-stop-shop for brands including m.d.m.s, GERMAIN PARIS, and LANCASTER PARIS.

The concept store aims to build a lifestyle. It provides a diverse experience encompassing style, arts, design and more.

Every customer should leave not just with their favorite objects of desire, which enable them to express their individuality on a daily basis. They should leave inspired and connected to the lifestyle ‘M’ stands for.


OUR SPIRIT Contemporary│Versatile│Better

The CORE belief in differentiate our products from market by the quality of the product itself.

M-Conzept’s member shared the same mission:“Serving our customer in their love language

Our well- received specialty in application of 3D draping technique, body curve construction and distinguish technique in paneling craftsmanship, applying in a full range of versatile day-to-night pieces of quality, modern and comfort piece for woman’s life, creating the fun vibe by the maternity of Innovation.

What’s more, creating intimate relationship with the market, client and VIP were the motivation of the house.